When Zombie-Mode was released on May 9th, 4 new weapons were introduced in this type of match. These weapons are offically known as 'Power Weapons' by the game.

They are only available in Zombie-Mode and later in Arms Race, they are effective at draining the Zombie's health batteries faster than standard weapons bought at the shop. But the zombie weapons themselves cannot be bought at the shop.

They randomly spawn during the match anywhere on the map representing red-colored guns rotating above an icon of the same description. Similar to the rotating ammo icons that also spawn throughout the map of matches on every mode. When the icon is touched, the player gets a random weapon choice from it.

  • Flash MicroGun It fires a constant stream of 'flash' bullets that lasts 80 rounds before reloading. When picked up it has 80 rounds ready to fire with 180 rounds in for reloading. It surprisingly has no warm-up time and fires immediately apon right-clicking. This weapon may be the most powerful of the power weapon set. The pushback of the Flash shots are greater than your avarage MicroGun
  • Falcon Sniper Rifle it is the only semi-automatic Sniper Rifle in the game. When picked up it has 20 rounds ready to fire with another 60 in for reloading. The scope on this weapon is simple and alows players to "Quick-Scope" close-range easily and fire without missing.
  • Blizzard Grenade Launcher It has 3 rounds ready to fire with another 9 in for reloading. It fires blue-colored cylindrical element canisters that explode a small 'blizzard' of ice a few moments after launching them. Any zombie target within range of the grenade when it explodes is instantly covered in a layer of ice and also slows down their running speed dramatically.
  • FireStorm Grenade Launcher It has 3 rounds ready to fire and another 9 in for reloading It also fires cylindrical element canisters but are red instead of blue. A few moments after launching them they explode into a 'fire storm'. If any zombie targets are within range of their blast radius they are instantly set ablaze and damage them over a period of 3 seconds.


  • in 2012-07-13 Rock Hippo Productions announced a Arms Race Tournament in July 19 of the same year where the players that reached the final round are rewarded with 7 days grenade launchers with the attributes of the Arms Race/Zombie Mode grenades