Weapon Upgrade SystemEdit

  • The Weapon Upgrade System was added in the Luck and Load Update on 2011-11-10
  • It's a system where you can upgrade one stat of your MP or RT weapon up to level five by using battery energy and paying mp
  • You can fail at the upgrade and when you do, you lose your MP or energy you used to upgrade it.
  • Buying super glue will increase your chances of not failing an upgrade by 100%

Battery EnergyEdit

  • Battery energy is needed to upgrade your weapons to level five
  • You start out with 0/1000 energy and you need RT to increase the amount of energy you can hold.
  • You can also buy battery recharge cables for MP to give you 500 or 1000 energy, depending on which cable you buy.
  • In the item shop you can buy the "battery expansion" item that will improve your batter capacity, from 1000, to a max of 5000.
Mv energy battery


  • People have complained that the super is overpriced for just 1 use, as well as frequent consecutive fails on higher level upgrades.
  • The estimated value for the sucess to fail rate when upgrading is unknown and may vary.
  • Your weapons will change colors the more you upgrade them. Red for RT weapons and Blue for MP weapons.


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