Happy Halloween, MicroVolters!

You didn't think we'd miss out on the chance to shower you with some awesome Halloween swag, did you? The Halloween season is never complete without a couple tricks and of course a ton of treats!

Cute witch or spooky Jack-o-Lantern? Take your pick this Halloween with limited-time Costume Bundles for both Naomi and C.H.I.P! There are also a ton of accessories for every character! You can find these accessories and both these bundle offers in-game* and in our Web Mall!

Time to get into the Halloween spirit and dress up your characters for some trick-or-treating the MicroVolts way!

  • These bundles are located in our in-game Shop for Naomi and C.H.I.P. under, Set > Original

For more information on this newest MicroVolts update, please visit our forum.

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