• Biwact

    Facebook fans are our favourite! So starting now until November 10, we're giving away a free "Sweet Lollipop" melee weapon to all of you that "Like" us on Facebook! It's the perfect weapon against those twitchy witches and loathsome lanterns!

    Click on the HALLOWEEN REDEEM button to the left or click here to redeem your prize now!

    Time to whack those enemies into sweet submission!

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  • Biwact

    Double EXP Zombie Mode

    October 31, 2011 by Biwact

    It's Halloween Weekend and it's one of the few times in the year when we'll gladly and happily welcome Zombies into our home!

    From Saturday, October 29 - Monday, October 31 playing ZOMBIE MODE will earn you DOUBLE EXP*!

    Time to level-up MicroVolters! Have a Happy and safe Halloween Weekend!

    • Please note that all additional EXP gained will be rewarded after October 31st.
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  • Biwact

    Halloween Update

    October 31, 2011 by Biwact

    Happy Halloween, MicroVolters!

    You didn't think we'd miss out on the chance to shower you with some awesome Halloween swag, did you? The Halloween season is never complete without a couple tricks and of course a ton of treats!

    Cute witch or spooky Jack-o-Lantern? Take your pick this Halloween with limited-time Costume Bundles for both Naomi and C.H.I.P! There are also a ton of accessories for every character! You can find these accessories and both these bundle offers in-game* and in our Web Mall!

    Time to get into the Halloween spirit and dress up your characters for some trick-or-treating the MicroVolts way!

    • These bundles are located in our in-game Shop for Naomi and C.H.I.P. under, Set > Original

    For more information on this newest MicroVolt…

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