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"Saddle up, MicroVolters!

Introducing the latest “SCRIMMAGE IN THE WILD WEST” Update!

What’s new?

NEW MAP: Run in with your guns blazin’, there’s about to be a showdown in a new frontier! Shoot ‘em up in the new Wild West map!

NEW MODE: Even cowboys and outlaws need a bit of practice! Try out the new Scrimmage mode to hone your gun toting skills!

NEW SETS & PARTS: New Tartan and Jimi sets are now available in our Capsule Machine! Rock out as late musical legend or spread some Scottish heritage out on the battlefield! Complete your outfit with new MP and RT accessories such as the Tartan Bagpipes and Warrior's Crossbow!

NEW WEAPONS: Your trusty six-shooter won’t be enough to fight ‘em off! Try out our new line of Intervention Sniper Rifles for an ace-high arsenal.

Get in-game now to check out all these new updates! Happy MicroVolting, MicroVolters!

For more details on this latest update, head on over to our forum."

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