Naughty and Nice UpdateEdit

"We made a list and we checked it doesn't really matter if you were naughty OR nice!

There's something for everyone in our newest NAUGHTY & NICE update!


Classes are out and the empty school halls make for a perfect toy battleground! Be wary of what’s landed in the school gymnasium though…The Micro World’s newest villains will be making their appearances soon!


Each and every character is getting brand new, limited-time, holiday Parts! Check out Naomi’s new “Santa’s Helper” outfit, Knox’s “New Years’ Joker” costume, Pandora’s “Advent Carol” dress, C.H.I.P.’s “Kris Kringle” disguise and more in the in-game Shop and Capsule Machine. Deck out with new accessories also!


With a brand new arsenal, those grinches better watch out… That Holiday Tree melee isn’t to put gifts under and that GiftGun isn’t for giving out presents! New Rifle and Shotgun Brilliant Boxes, exclusive to the in-game Shop, will surely stir up some holiday cheer as well!

Happy Holidays, MicroVolters! Stay tuned for holiday events coming soon!"

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