Knights of the Night UpdateEdit

"Welcome, MicroVolters!

This latest update introduces the Coupon Shop, a twist on a favourite map as well as brand new weapons and parts!


With Halloween right around the corner, the traditional "PVC Factory" map gets a dark, new twist and every MicroVolter's night vision is being put to the test. Wage war in the new map, "PVC Factory (Night)"!


Redeem elite weapons that are fit for gods! Win and collect coupons from the RT Capsule Machine and redeem them for ultra-exclusive weapons like the "Hyperion" rifle and "Perses" shotgun.


Fight for honor and chivalry with new Knighthood weapons and parts. Become what legends are made of in Naomi's "Gold Knight" gear and Pandora's "Anesidora" armour! As a knight, you'll need proper weaponry of course! Check out the new battle hammers in the Capsule Machine too!

Hope you enjoy these newest additions, MicroVolters but stay tuned for even more Halloween content coming soon!"

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