Items are found in Team Death Match, Item Match, and Capture The Battery as they are dropped by killing enemy players. They have various effects, and slightly tilts the game to your favor.

Recovery ItemsEdit


Heals you for 400 HP.

Battle HealEdit

Heals your team and yourself by 1000 HP.

Ammo DropsEdit

Refills all ammo a different amount (different ammo capacity for each weapon).

Offensive ItemsEdit

Self-Destruct BombEdit

Ignites your surrounding area when you die. Kills all nearby enemy players. The bomb does not have a time limit, and will not disappear until you die.

Power PotionEdit

Increases your damage output for a short period of time however it has the longest period of time compared to all the other timed items.

Defensive ItemsEdit


A barrier is created around your character, eliminating all damage taken for a short period of time.

Miscellaneous ItemsEdit

Hermes' BootsEdit

Increases movement speed for a short period of time.


Disguises your character as one of the enemy team. Character parts will not change, however. This status disappates upon attacking, or receiving damage.


The radar helps you find enemies that are hiding. Only available in Elimination.