Weapons grenade launcher pulse

The Open beta version of the Pulse.

The Gredade Launcher is the last of the 7 weapon categories. The Grenade Launcher has an arched path making it possible to hit a enemy from where they can't hit you with any weapon other than the grenade launcher. These arches were reduced in the 2013 Halloween update, meaning players unable to fire longer range grenades.


Hot DogEdit

Weapons grenade launcher hotdog gun

The Open beta version of the Hot Dog

This is the default and permanent launcher for all players.


  • Power: 550
  • Firing Rate: 350
  • Range: 570


Pulse it´s a fast firing gun. Perfect for swapping. It´s one of the most used grenade laucnhers in the battlefield, since it´s reasonable damage, in harmony with a fast trigger makes one of the best weapons in this category to buy.

Weapons grenade launcher pulse

The Open beta version of the Hot Dog.


  • Power: 600
  • Firing Rate: 400
  • Range: 635


This is the highest ranking Grenade Launcher in open beta. It suffers some sacrifices from firing rate but it has more range and power than the others.


  • Power: 750
  • Firing Rate: 450
  • Range: 570

Weapon MechanicsEdit

Arched AimEdit

This is the style of aiming preferred when using the Grenade Launcher as it is succeptable to gravity and may not fire as far or as high. This can be used to snuff out campers and corner huggers.

Delayed ExplosionEdit

Another stats not listed in game is the time delay before explosion, in case the grenade hits a wall, celing or floor it will trigger the delay, Pulse/Predator explodes pretty fast and Thunder/Nighshade will take quite some time before it happens while Exile/Great White time is somewhere in between.