Coupon ShopEdit

The coupon shop was added during the Knights of the Night Update on 2012-10-10. It was designed to allow players

a look at some coupon shop items

who spent large amounts of RT on the capsule and didn't win to get coupons to redeem exclusive items. When the shop was first introduced it featured the: Lucifer, Remark-a-Ratchet(coupon), Bright Nether Blade(coupon), Blazing Nether Blade(coupon), Bright Nether Blade(coupon), ADV Pepper(coupon)-30 days, Gold Rifle(coupon), Hyperion, ADV KW-79(coupon)-30 days, Perses, Gabriel, LoveGun, Enchanting LoveGun, Extravagant LoveGun, M-135(coupon), Astraeus, ADV Pound(coupon)-30 days, Hermes, Predator(coupon) and Zeus.


  • The coupon shop features some of the most over powered items in Microvolts, such as Hermes
  • Many people in-game are arguing because of "op weapons". This name was created by users, and it's still used right now too.
  • [GM]Fruitcake has stated that there will be very few people who will have one of these weapons due to how much coupons are needed to purchase them