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Japanese version artwork of Revolt.

Version(s) playable in?

Japanese version, English (as set only for C.H.I.P character)

English Voice Actor(s)


Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Voice A:Cho, Voice B:Keiji Fujiwara, Voice C: Norio Wakamoto

Date of Birth





Kasuga Eien

Colonel Crac, or Revolt, is a character from MicroVolts. He serves as the mentor in the Training stage and the announcer. Colonel Crac is also an offical MicroVolts character opon the offical release, not to just be a tutorial instructor for new players and announcer in-game. his role in the game is "to tame those ruly MicroVolters."


In the Japanese version, he is somewhat bossy.


  • There is some speculation that Colonel Crac is a prototype of Knox or C.H.I.P. In the gameplay trailer for the Korean version, Colonel Crac uses a voice clip from Knox, as well as his standing lobby poses. In the Japanese version, it was shown that Revolt is revealed to be C.H.I.P, leading more confusion to some players.
  • He is the instructor in the Training mode, as well as being the Announcer.
  • Speaking of being the announcer, Revolt speaks in English, even in the Asian version.
  • On April 1, 2011 (April Fools Day), [MOD]BreadnButter created a guide on how to unlock Colonel Crac in the English version. It was later found out to be a joke, however (due to popularity) a character set for C.H.I.P. was made and is now available.

Playable Characters
Naomi · Knox · Pandora · C.H.I.P · Yamato · Colonel Crac

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