The Capsule Machine Edit

  • The capsule machine was added to Microvolts on 2011-11-10
  • It costs 990 RT to spin the capsule once.
    Capsule Machine

    Capsule Machine

  • You have a chance or either winning an item, weapon or accessory (7 - 30 days) and a rare
  • The rares are permanent and do not require you to repair compared to MP and RT unlimited weapons.
  • The rares would consist of 3 types of rares, bronze, silver, and gold for weapons. Sometimes, the bronze can be black and other rares may change color (Ex. Blood D. Fall is a silver sniper that has a red color scheme.) While for clothes it would be a set, however you can only win 1 piece at a time.
  • Some rares are more powerful than MP/RT weapons while others are completely outclassed by MP weapons alone. 


  • There is an exact percentage of the rate to get a rare even though Rock Hippo and various other sources repeatedly has denied this. However, the exact numbers are still unknown.
  • People have called Rock Hippo's Capsule Machine an atempt to steal people's money since it is hard to get a rare and requires a lot of tries someones to get one.
  • Some rares aren't as good as the previous ones before being rotated.
  • You can win Awsome, Jimi, and Glacies, HP or Speed, in the Capsule Machine.

List of Capsule itemsEdit

Melee WeaponsEdit


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