Boot Camp UpdateEdit

"MicroVolters, At-ten-tion! Of course you're all excellent toy solders already but we're sending you back to BOOT CAMP!

What's new in this military-themed update?


To rise through the military ranks, our armed forces will need a brand new arsenal! Sniper Teams standby with the new line of AWM Snipers as all ground troops are clear to engage with powerful MP5s. Support Team give us some backup with the new line of 134 Gatling Guns. For those close combat tasks, check out the new Kukri Brilliant Box!


Use your tactical expertise as one of the Micro World’s “belles in blue” in Naomi’s new “MVPD” uniform (available in both the MP and RT Shop). For those desert terrain missions, regimentals in camouflage are required! Check out Naomi’s “Camo” military uniform in the Capsule Machine, Knox’s “Desert Boonie” uniform in the MP Shop and Pandora’s “Elite” uniform in the RT Shop.

You'll notice that new RT Faces and Hands have upgraded stats and all new RT Parts get the BONUS MP treatment!


Make the most of your tactical gear with new military Accessories like the Special Forces Bag and the Very Special Forces Bag!

Don't forget that you can level up faster with BONUS EXP from ALL RT Head, Waist & Back Accessories!

Get in game to check out the new items or see them HERE

Train hard and have fun out there, MicroVolters! Over and Out!"

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