The Bazooka is a weapon that is capable for Direct Shots.
Weapons bazooka sting ray

The Sting Ray

There are many kinds of bazookas, the most powerful coming from the coupon shop and capsule.


Sting RayEdit

Basic bazooka is permanent and unlocked from the start.


  • Power: 360
  • Firing Rate: 500
  • Blast Radius: 350
  • Bullet Speed: 300
  • Reload Speed: 375


The second rocket launcher in the game. is a improvment on the Sting Ray


  • Power: 440
  • Firing Rate: 500
  • Blast Radius: 400
  • Reload Speed: 375

Pocket RocketEdit

The third rocket launcher in the game, has the slowest firing rate, but is more powerful and has a bigger blast radius.


  • Power: 500
  • Firing Rate: 15
  • Blast Radius: 45
  • Reload Speed: 250


The fourth rocket launcher to be released in game. It has the fastest firing rate and due to this is favoured by a lot of quickswappers, however it also had the smallest blast radius and the lowest damage.


  • Power: 400
  • Firing Rate: 35
  • Blast Radius: 35
  • Reload Speed: 500