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Arms Race is the 8th game mode in MicroVolts.


The goal is to reach 20 kills first by killing other players. The biggest catch is that each player gets a weapon and gets another via enemy kill going up through each rank. There are 3-4 weapons for each weapon type (besides melee) and the type of weapon you get (e.g. shotgun) will change once you reach a certain amount of kills.

Kills - Weapon Type

1. Rifle

5. Shotgun

8. Sniper

12. Gatling Gun

14. Rocket

17. Grenade Launcher

However, you return to your previous weapon if you get killed by a melee weapon.


  • This is the second game mode to have elemental weapons.
  • Arms Race is based on the popular Counter-Strike mod, Gun Game. Despite some differences, the rules are the same.
  • The first game mode to introduce numerous unseen weapons whihch aren't for sale.

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