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Japanese version artwork of Yamato.

Versions playable in

Japanese, Korean, South America, English

English Voice Actor(s)


Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Voice A:Nabuhiko Okamoto, Voice B:Daisuke Kishio, Voice C:Tomokazu Sugita.

Date of Birth





Yusuke Hagiri

Kai is a playable character from MicroVolts.

He has various names from Kai to Ares Hunter, and in Japan he is named Yamato.


Kai used to be owned by a family. However, the family made a decision to give it to John for his toy collection, which Kai is now a part of.


Kai is currently available in the Korean and Japanese versions and English  although he was available in Korea first.


  • Kai has most of Knox's lines as well as his taunts. It has been speculated that Kai is a clone of Knox.
  • Kai is the character that has the most broken English.
Playable Characters
Naomi · Knox · Pandora · C.H.I.P · Yamato · Colonel Crac

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